Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Serb mass graves in Bosnia

BROD - Five locations have been discovered in the RS, suspected to be mass graves containing the remains of murdered Serbs.
The Municipal Association for the Search for Prisoners-of-War and Missing Civilians from Brod has discovered a mass grave in the region, containing the bodies of victims suspected of being killed by the Croatian regular army and the joint Muslim and Croat armed forces during 1992. "The Operational Missing Persons Team from the Republic of Srpska (RS) was told about mass burial sites that needed to be investigated,” said association president Marko Grabovac, adding that two of the locations were located at the Banjica Catholic cemetery.
He said that during the six-month occupation in 1992, there had been 10 camps in the municipality of Bosanski Brod housing over 2,000 Serbs from Brod, Derventa, Modriča, Odžak and Doboj.
"At least half were killed, their bodies thrown into the Sava river,” Grabovac said.
He added that so far 368 bodies had been exhumed from the mass graves in Brod, and that 263 victims had been identified, all of them Serb.
"The first mass grave where the bodies of murdered Serbs were buried, was discovered in 1993 at the City Cemetery, where we exhumed 92 victims,” Grabovac said.
He said that requests had been lodged long ago with prosecution offices in Doboj and Zenica to establish the whereabouts of 59 bodies, including 23 children’s skeletons exhumed from a mass grave in Sijekovac, near Brod.
So far no one has been indicted for the crimes against the Serb population in Brod, despite the fact that the Hague Tribunal received as long ago as 2002 considerable material with strong evidence of the war crimes committed, along with the names of the commanders, executioners, and victims.

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